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  • Can you give me an idea into how my piece will look before I purchase?
    Yes of course, every order that entails customisable options is designed 1st on computer. Before your purchase we can create you a very accurate 3D design visual. This will give you a great insight into how the piece will look based on your colour and component choices.
  • How long will my order take?
    All our pieces are set on a 6-8 week lead-time once payment has cleared. This is due to the amount of pieces we may have in the workshop at one time. Each piece goes through various processes which are not rushed in anyway.
  • Can i use my own artwork?
    All our pieces are completely customisable so its very rare we can’t do what you ask. Once we receive your chosen artwork or design, we then check its licence availability and 300dpi quality, if the attributes are there we can then proceed.
  • Can i have a bespoke size or shape?
    Yes, we offer a full customisable service and any shape or size is possible. Height and Length are never an issue but sometimes we can be limited to width due to the size of the wooden beams. Artwork also plays a big part in shape & size as we are often dictated by the shape of the artwork. Ex - If you wanted a square base but the artwork you chose is naturally landscape, this isn’t going to fit a square, it’s always best to pick an artwork that reflects the shape/size you want. There are ways we can get round certain issues by cropping sections of artwork to fit but this is something we can discuss in the design visual process. We will always aim to get your piece the closest possible size to your exact requirements.
  • Can i mix and match components?
    Yes, all our pieces are customisable with 1000”s of various component and choice options available.
  • Can i have no glass?
    Yes, is the simple answer. The Glass is not there to protect the artwork, the artwork is already protected using an ultra tough hard glaze vanish for maximum durability over time. The glass is there to add an extra shelf dimension to the design. Coloured or more clearer glass options are also available on request.
  • Do you delivery overseas?
    Yes, we have delivered many pieces all over the world. Each piece travels in a fully encased pallet box. Feet are often taken off for overseas transit purposes. Please check out our Delivery Overseas tab for more info.
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