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The Lille coffee table gives off an elegant look and benefits from two generous storage drawers, with brass handles and sutle curves which gives off effortless charm.


The table is then brought to life with the artwork of a Teal & Gold Feather pattern on the top surface, draws and sides which have been hand painted, crafted and distressed into the wood, then fully protected with a hard glaze finish for maximum durability.

Lille Feathers Coffee Table

  • SIZE - 110W x 45H 60D (cm) Approx.

    WOOD STAIN COLOUR - Light Natural

    DOORS - 0

    DRAWS - 2

    ARTWORK - Gold & Teal Feathers

    LEGS/FEET - Built in

    LEG/FEET COLOUR - Light Natural


    LEAD TIME - 5-6 Weeks

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